P90X Reviews – Yoga X Day 4

Day 4 of my 90 day P90X reviews journal, and today was my first experience with Yoga X. It was amazing, I feel great! Still sore, and got a cardio workout, but my over all feeling is good.

I am enjoying my P90X experience. My hardest challenge is staying on the diet plan, it wants me to eat ALOT(!) but I am not much of an eater, I can do the 5 meals a day breakfast, lunch, dinner with 2 snacks, but the amount of food it wants me to eat is crazy. So I make sure I take my supplements every day to make sure my body is getting the nutrients it needs.

I also enjoy the protein bars they make good meal replacements when I just don’t have the time, and they taste amazing! My recovery drink after workout tastes great, my whey protein is a little bitter, but drinkable.

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