P90X Shoulder and Arm Workout – Day 10

Yesterday was my 10th day of P90X reviews and I think that the shoulder and arm workout leaves you the most sore out of all the workouts (aside from chest and back)…

I had work today and I was feeling all of my sore muscles working while picking up those “heavy” plates to the dish pit.  I’ve always had pretty good muscle endurance, but P90X has taken that to a whole different level.  I find myself being able to do more and more ab exercises on Ab Ripper X.  It mystifies me every time I see each rep that Tony and his “kids” do on the TV are just as perfect as the one before for exercises like the scissor and v-up roll ups (least favorite).  Hopefully I’ll have freakishly strong abs by the time I’m done with this program too.

I didn’t have the healthiest of lunches today at work because I was in a rush, but I plan on making a very healthy dinner from the items I got from Trader Joe’s last night.

Psyched for tonight’s workout after a well deserved nap…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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