P90X Shoulders and Arms Workout – Day 3

P90X Shoulders and ArmsToday was day 3 of my P90X experience, and the workout was shoulders and arms…

Today’s P90X workout went even better than the previous two, and I made it all the way through the shoulders and arms routine without pausing the DVD or getting sick (whew). Having said that, I did begin to feel a little nauseous about halfway through the Ab Ripper X routine — so I ended up cutting the abs workout a little short. Fortunately I was able to keep it together and didn’t throw up.

I followed the P90X nutrition plan exactly as it was laid out again today, and I’m actually finding that it’s easier to eat healthy now than it ever has been before. I fall under Level 1 in the nutrition plan, and I’m following the portion approach. In a nutshell, the portion approach basically bypasses all the fancy recipes and allows you to make quick meals by simply combining approved foods from each food group. I find that this works well for me, as I don’t have a ton of time to spend in the kitchen.

As crazy as it sounds, I’m already seeing results and it’s only day 3. I’m planning on posting before and after pictures every week to compare my progress, so I’m curious to see if the differences I’m noticing show up in the photos for this week.

I’ll post another update tomorrow, stay tuned…

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