P90X Shoulders, Arms, and Ab Ripper X – Day 3

P90X Shoulders and ArmsToday is day 3 of my P90X exercise program review and I had to start off my workout a little late today. I will say that the little bit of extra rest I got certainly didn’t take away from the intensity of this workout…

Ahh, P90X Shoulders and Arms… where do I begin?

I thought that I knew just about every upper body workout in the book, but Tony Horton introduced me to things like deep swimmers press, static arm curls (personal favorite) and congdon curls which I have never even heard of before.  I know that I’m going to be sore tomorrow after all of these workouts, all those tricep routines like side tri rise and lying down tricep extensions were killing me.

I always dread looking at my sheet and seeing that I have to do Ab ripper X afterwards.  I haven’t yet been able to keep up with each routine in the abs workout, but I’m sure I’ll get there.  It’s things like the scissor kick workout that get me everytime!

I’ve been eating like a Kobiyashi in order to keep up with all of the calories I’ve been burning off with P90X, cycling, and soccer going on — surprisingly I’ve been going to the grocery and picking up things like kiwis and avocados instead of fruity pebbles.

Hope to get a post in earlier tomorrow!

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