P90X Stretch Workout – Day 14

P90X Stretch WorkoutToday was day 14 of my P90X workouts, and I decided to complete the optional P90X stretch workout.¬†While it’s tempting to take the day off, I personally find it easier to stay the course if I maintain total consistency in my day to day routine…

The X Stretch video is an hour-long workout that works on all areas of the body. While it isn’t an intense P90X routine, it does get quite uncomfortable in certain spots (mainly during hamstring stretching in my case). As with Yoga X, I find myself feeling like a million bucks after completing this video.

I have a pretty busy day today, so I woke up early and got my workout in at 6:30AM. I’m about to have a nice breakfast (steel cut oats, fresh fruit, and some veggies), and then I’m going to take my day 14 photos and measurements. I’m curious to see how they compare with my day 7 P90X pictures.

I’m also going to post a full review of a new piece of gear I picked up yesterday, so stay tuned for that as well.

That’s it for now, back in a bit…

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