P90X Transformation Day 1 – Chest, Back, and Ab Ripper X Review

P90X TransformationI am sore as hell, and I can hardly move.

Day 1 of P90X consisted of Chest and Back, followed by Ab Ripper X. It was extremely challenging, but I pushed myself 110% during the entire workout.

Upper body is my weakness, and I learned some valuable lessons on pacing myself, because I was burned out way too early. I made the mistake of trying to keep up with the crazy fit people in the video, instead of keeping a sane pace, and paid the price. My elbows hurt from all the different push-ups, but believe that’ll go away as I strengthen the muscles around them.

I took advantage of every water break to recharge my batteries so I could make what meager efforts I could on the second half of Chest and Back, and trembled under reserve power throughout Ab Ripper X.

I did my absolute best, and here’s how I fared:

P90X Chest and Back

Second set in parentheses.

  1. Standard push-ups: 20 (8)
  2. Wide front pull-ups: 3 (0)
  3. Military push-ups: 7 (8)
  4. Reverse grip chin-ups: 5 (1)
  5. Wide fly push-ups: 8 (2)
  6. Closed grip overhand pull-ups: 1 (1.5)
  7. Decline push-ups: 0 (0)
  8. Heavy pants: 20 @ 12 lbs. (8 @ 12 lbs.)
  9. Diamond push-ups: 7 (4)
  10. Lawnmowers: 16 @ 12 lbs./side (15 @ 12 lbs./side)
  11. Dive-bomber push-ups: 3 (0)
  12. Back flys: 10 (20)

Ab Ripper X

  1. In & outs: 25
  2. Seated bicycle: 50
  3. Seated crunchy frog: 4
  4. Crossed leg/wide leg sit-up: 4
  5. Fifer scissor: 8
  6. Hip rock ‘n raise: 25
  7. Pulse up (heels to heaven): 14
  8. Roll-up/V-up combo: 2
  9. Oblique v-up: 0
  10. Leg climb: 5/side
  11. Mason twist: 10

Since this first phase of the P90X workout is Fat Shredder, I was worried that the low carb limits would make the phase unbearable, but there’s actually more carbs in the plan than meets the eye. The fruit and soy milk portions, in addition to the slices of bread I’m allowed for carbs, allow me enough carbs to nourish my muscles. I still might select some different dairy or fruit options with less carbs to lower my daily carb percentage. I am glad that there’s a portion plan as an alternative to the meal plan, because I’m too lazy to cook up meals based on recipes.

I’m looking forward to Plyometrics tomorrow…

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