P90X Transformation – Day 6 Kenpo X

Today is day 6 of my P90X transformation, and the DVD I worked out with today was Kenpo X…

Tony Horton was right, the Kenpo X workout was a lot of fun.  I thought that the workout went alot smoother if I imagined I was actually hitting someone with my knees, kicks and punches.  I wasn’t too beat after the workout, but much like all the workouts I feel very energetic afterwards.  I’m starting to notice some more ab definition after my last ab workout.

It’s pretty hard to resist my temptations to go out with friends to eat at Waffle House or McDonalds, but I’ve resisted the temptation so far, and done some good ol’ summer grilling in the backyard and eating much more fruits and vegetables.

Tony was right though, this P90X workout certainly did burn a lot of calories, so I think I’m going to go make a protein shake and hit the sack.

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