P90X Week 2 – Day 10 Arms, Shoulders, and Ab Ripper X Workout Review

Shoulders and Arms P90X WorkoutDay 10 of my P90X journey, and today it was Shoulders, Arms, and Ab Ripper X…

I just finished today’s P90X workout and I have to tell you how happy I am about my workout. It was incredible. I cant stress enough how important it is to have the right equipment and USE IT!

I have all the resistance bands that come with the program and I just got stuck using the smallest one to begin with. It felt weird when I wasn’t maxing out during every workout and I wasn’t getting the desired burn. I actually thought that I wasn’t doing the workout correctly or even that the workout was not that great……Oh boy was i wrong.

I discovered that for arms, I needed a stronger resistance belt. Once i got it and worked out with it… WOW. Now, I’m totally getting the burn and utilizing each workout at its best. I can definitely see the difference in myself after using the correct equipment. I was also able to keep up with the DVD and correctly do all exercises while having a better rep-weight ratio per workout.

Today went amazingly well. Can’t wait for tomorrow…

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