P90X Week 2 – Day 8 Chest and Back Workout Review

P90X Chest WorkoutToday was the first day of my second week, and I did the P90X Chest and Back video…

I really had a hard time following this particular P90X workout. I  felt like throwing up during 3/4 of the way into it. I had to stop and make myself the recovery drink early in order to get a bit more energy to finish it. Ultimately, I was able to pull thru.

Today was my first day trying out the P90X pull-up bar. Last week, all I used were the resistance cables. It was way harder than expected. They were making 15 – 30 reps per workout when I was only being able to do between 1 – 5 reps at the most. I’m really not used to doing these exercises and I hope next time will be better. I guess, that with practice, anything is possible.

I felt my chest really pumping, so it’s doing good so far.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s cardio workout!!!

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One Comment to “P90X Week 2 – Day 8 Chest and Back Workout Review”

  1. Zach 21 May 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Way to bring it Christian, the pull-up bar is where it’s at. By the way, I also have occasional issues with getting nauseous during intense workouts but that seems to be going away now in week 2.

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