P90X Workout Results – Day 13 Kenpo X

P90X Kenpo XI’m 13 days into P90X now, and I still think that Kenpo X is the most fun out of all the videos. The kenpo routine always gives me an awesome cardio workout.

I still find it hard to believe that Tony is 56 years old, I don’t see how someone at that age can be at the prime of their physical attributes.  I aspire to be a 56 year old who can complete the P90X workouts, or whatever new workout DVD set is out then.  I wasn’t as worn out as last time’s kenpo workout, I definitely felt more lively.

Well, I’m getting ready to cook some brussel sprouts (which are apparently really good for you) and some meatloaf.  Then off to work the night shift again.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s X Stretch workout.

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