P90X Workout Reviews – Day 4 Shoulders and Arms

Ok, so I’m on day number four of the P90X workout and completed the “Arms and Shoulders” routine last night. It was by far the easiest (well… least hard) so far. I made a couple of mistakes that I’ll share with you to help you avoid errors on your first attempt.

Basically, I didn’t use a heavy enough weight for many of the exercises. I figured that since the other workouts were so intense that I would use a low weight to stop myself burning out and then increase it if I needed to, but the Shoulders and Arms routine gives you more stretching breaks than the others which I obviously wasn’t aware of before starting.

I was using between 12.5kg and 7kg throughout the workout but might up the curls to 15kg next round. I’ll let you know how I get on.

The diet is still going well and I’m starting to feel hungry every three hours which is what I was aiming for – still having something small (apple for breakfast, pasta at 10am, veg at 1pm and chicken at 4pm) and its working perfectly. I feel thinner (although there are no obvious signs yet – its only been 4 days lol), healthier and more in control of my life in general.

Tonight is Yoga X, I don’t have any Yoga blocks which is annoying but I haven’t seen the workout to know if I’ll need them yet. Will report back tomorrow.

So far so good. Still crushing play, still bringing it, still giving my best and forgetting the rest (Thanks Tony).

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