P90X Workouts Reviewed – Day 8

P90X WorkoutsWell, I just finished my first day of week 2 of P90X. I started this week off once again with the chest, back, and Ab ripper X workout.

My friend Edward came over to workout with me this time, and I could definitely relate to the pain that he was feeling during the workout.  Hopefully we can keep these workouts going with each other to stay motivated during the later weeks.  I still felt really tired after the entire P90X workout was done, but much better than last time.

I had a very healthy dinner of cuz cuz, tilapia, and vegetables.  Now, we’re just sitting back after a hard workout sipping on some powerade slushies from Sonic watching the Magic game.

I’m going to need to get some 25 pound weights because I have a set of 15′s and 35′s.

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