P90X X Stretch Video – Day 28

X StretchToday was day 28 of P90X, and first things first: I took a sick day to go to the doctor, then the emergency room, and then home to recuperate…

The great news is that I sprained my wrists when I crashed my bike, and nothing is broken. The bad news is that I have to keep my left wrist in a splint for at least 10 days, and apply the old RICE care to it, which stands for Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. But what I plan to do is follow the RICE plan all day and night before and after my daily P90X workouts. Even this morning my wrist felt less ginger, so as long as I don’t try something stupid in this Training Block 2, I should be fine.

X Stretch, as I’ve said before, is essential, especially because I have lots of tight muscle with pent up tension and stress in them. Depending on how rough this first week of Training Block 2 is, I might do X Stretch immediately after that day’s routine to stay loose. I’m amazed at how quickly Training Block 1 has passed, and I’m definitely stronger as a result. Now I look forward to growth and new challenges starting tomorrow in Training Block 2’s Adaptive and Mastery Phase.

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