P90X X Stretch Workout – Day 7

Yayyy I finished my first week of P90X!!!  Only 83 more days to go.

I was feeling pretty sore today after a pick up basketball game that got pretty intense because it started to rain, so I decided to do the X Stretch routine instead of resting.  I thought that this was a great assortment of ballistic and static stretches.  I feel so flexible now from head to toe.  I have trouble with some of the stretches because I am just not very flexible overall, but I am so excited to get incredibly flexible.

I had a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich today that gave me a lot of energy for the long day that I had leading into X Stretch and then had chicken and asparagus for dinner.  The P90X workout has gotten me back into cooking meals again which is a cool process to go to the store and come back home to cook the food you just bought fresh off the shelves, especially when I’m planning to go to the Farmer’s Market this weekend to pick up some great local goods.  Feels good to know where my food that I’m consuming is actually coming from.

Can’t wait to hit it hard tomorrow after an awesome stretch today.

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