P90X X Stretch Workout – Day 7

P90X X StretchToday was the end of my first week with P90X, and I had the option of taking the day off to rest or working out with the X Stretch DVD. I actually felt really good today and decided to go ahead and do the stretching routine… I’m glad I did.

The P90X X Stretch workout was just under an hour long and I really enjoyed it. Unlike the other P90X workouts, I didn’t break a sweat, but there were some pretty uncomfortable moments while doing a few of the stretches.

After it was all said and done, I felt like a million bucks. If you’re using day 7 as a rest day, I highly recommend that you watch the X Stretch video instead. It’s not super intense like the other DVD’s were, and your body will definitely feel better after your muscles have been stretched.

My diet went well again today, but I did miss a few small meals as I had another busy day. I need to do a better job of getting every meal in as I don’t  really want to lose any weight at this point. That’s the one area that I need to improve upon in my second week.

Last but not least, I just posted my P90X before and after pictures for day 7 as well as the updated measurements. No big changes week over week, but I’m definitely noticing small improvements already.

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