P90X X Stretch Workout Results – Day 7

P90X X Stretch WorkoutWell, today was day 7 of my P90X review — it’s hard to believe I’ve already completed week one of the 90 day workout…

I didn’t rest well last night, and so I was really tempted to not do X Stretch today. I was really glad that I did however. Several warmup moves were old standbys from other days, and some stretches were familiar from Yoga X, but they all came together very nicely to loosen me up. My hamstrings could definitely use more stretching, though that’s not the fault of the routine not having enough hamstring stretched—it’s just that I’m lazy about stretching.

My upper back and shoulders are still tight, so I might do some more stretching or massage for them before tomorrow, because it’ll be time for Chest & Back again, followed by Ab Ripper X.

I’ve taken on low-carb meal plans before, with much lower carb counts than P90X affords me, but my body hasn’t felt right since Day 3. As I’ve done with some exercises, I think I’ll similarly need to modify my eating to help my muscles better heal and grow by rearranging when and where I’m consuming my carbs.

Pre-P90X, I’d typically front load my carbs early in the day, then taper off to none after 6:00 PM (with the exception of pre- and post-workout carbs). Under the Phase 1 Fat Shredder program, I don’t have as many carbs to distribute throughout the day, and my muscles can tell. So, I’m rearranging carbs completely around my workouts, and supplementing when my muscles are signaling for more, because I don’t want to burn off muscle.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

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