P90X Yoga Workout – Day 18

Yoga X P90X WorkoutHello Guys,

Yesterday was day 18 of P90X and the workout was Yoga X

It couldn’t not have come in a better time. I had a really hard day at work and I was exhausted and I wanted to workout but nothing too extreme. So I did Yoga X, AWESOME! It made me sweat a lot and workout my core to the max. Nothing too jumpy, but a steady, intense workout.

I love Yoga X now, still too long for my taste, but it makes your body a lot stronger and more able to stretch out. It’s awesome, since all you do is contract, and this is the only workut where you do the opposite. You relax and stretch. It makes your body a lot less tight and easier to deliver all other exercises.

Great workout, now I can’t wait for kenpo tonight!

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