P90X Yoga Workout – Day 21 Review

P90X Yoga WorkoutLucky number 21!

I came totally prepared to start my 4th week of P90X.

I opened the windows, turned the AC off, and turned my house into a hot room. I enjoyed Yoga X today like no other. I took my watch off and enjoyed the journey Tony took me on…

I really stretched my body and was able to break a sweat almost immediately after beginning the exercise. It works out your body in an incredible way. Not only that, but it makes you a lot more flexible and prepares you for all the next coming exercises.

Tonight I’m ready for my first core synergetics workout.

I’m ready for some cardio.

I’m feeling like as it now, I don’t get enough workout just a few days a week. I need more, so I’m going to test out doing the “Doubles” workout base.

We will see how things go next week.

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