P90X Yoga Workout Review – Day 4

P90X Yoga WorkoutToday was day 4 of my P90X review, and I completed the P90X yoga workout…

It’s funny, because over the last two days I’ve been thinking that I really needed to stretch. My muscles—especially my legs—have been really tight, so today’s Yoga X routine came right on time.

This was my first-ever attempt at yoga, and it was everything I thought it would be: deceptively simple at first, then gradually increasing in difficulty as my muscles started warming up, and then very difficult for some balance and strength moves. But the best part was how relaxing it was, especially after three days of intense P90X exercises.

Though the length of the routine seemed impossibly long when I first started the video, it was actually just right, since time seemed to disappear while doing the moves. What I have to work on, however, is calmness under physical strain. That should come over time as I gain more and more strength.

Nutrition-wise, I’ve switched to whole protein sources like meats, rather than relying on whey protein powders for an entire day’s protein requirement, and it’s definitely been more palatable.

Can’t wait to take on Legs and Back, plus Ab Ripper X tomorrow!

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