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Kenpo X – P90X Review Day 52

P90X Kenpo X WorkoutToday was day 52 of my P90X workout, and once again I did the Kenpo X DVD…

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P90X Plyometrics Workout

Hello Guys. Today i really went far into the plyometrics world. I really went in deep. I completed all the exercises as best as my abilities allowed me. I went farther and deeper as I could. It was HARD. It was an intensive/great workout. I kicked harder, farther and stronger than ever. I made sure that for this new month, things are going to be more extreme than last month. I have to make sure I can keep up with all the other exercises in the same way. Harder and stronger.

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P90X Core Synergistics Workout – Day 51

P90X Core Synergistics WorkoutToday was day 51 of P90X, and I completed the Core Synergistics workout…

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Beginning of Recovery Week 2 – Yoga X Day 50

P90X Yoga X WorkoutI didn’t realize it until I checked the P90X schedule pre-workout, but today marked the beginning of my second recovery week…

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P90X Cardio X-Chest, Shoulders, and triceps Workout – Day 2

Ok, today is the beginning of my 2nd month of P90X and I am really excited.

I begin my day by using the Cardio X workout…

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P90X Stretch Workout – Day 26

Today is my relaxation day.

I love the X Stretch workout since I get to stretch and really get in contact with all my core and all the extremities. I stretch every muscle I have and it helps a lot with all the sore muscles I have from all my prior workouts.

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P90X Pictures and Results – Day 49

Today was day 49 of P90X, and it was time to take my weekly P90X pictures and measurements…

P90X Pictures - Front Day 49

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