Plyometrics Workout – Day 9 P90X Results

Plyometrics WorkoutPROTIP: Attempting the P9oX Plyometrics workout when chronically sleep deprived is tantamount to suicide.

That’s me. I could count on one hand the number of good nights’ sleep I’ve had in any given year. That’s going to have to change, because it’s obviously not sustainable with with such an intense workout program. Last week, I never had to pause the DVD, but this week I had to pause for 30 seconds every 2-3 exercises because my heart rate was close to or exceeding my max (183 bpm) from being so tired.

I also noticed that my left knee was feeling pain during parts of the Hot Foot on the left leg, depending on which part of the “X” I was tracing on the ground. This is partly because of my bowlegged knees, I’m sure. I might need to take Tony Horton’s advice and do the Hot Foot with both feet alternating, as if I were jumping rope. I’ll give it a shot next week during the first Hot Foot session.

I remember last week that I felt OK after Plyometrics, then suffered for 2-3 days after that because my quads were sore as hell. But this week, I anticipate far better recovery, and hope that I can start to incorporate some cycling back into my week, because I’ve been missing it, and think it would help burn some extra fat while the P90X resistance routines will help maintain and build lean muscle.

Stay tuned for another P90X workout review tomorrow…

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