Shoulders, Arms, and Ab Ripper X Results – Day 17 P90X Review

Shoulders and Arms P90X17 days of P90X down, 73 to go.

I was really looking forward to today’s Shoulders and Arms workout, and it did not disappoint. Once again, I completed the Ab Ripper X workout first, and then moved on to hit shoulders and arms…

Ab Ripper X just keeps getting better and better and I can truly notice that my form is getting better during every single exercise on the DVD. Seeing that progress is such a strong motivator for me, I actually feel like doing it all over again right now!

The Shoulders and Arms workout went equally as well today, and I really focused on maxing out at 8 reps per set by upping the weight on my PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells. A few times, I actually had to stop mid-set and add additional weight because I knew that I was going to blow right by 8 reps.

I didn’t get nauseous at all today, and I’m actually feeling really good right now. I have just the slightest bit of soreness in my chest from blasting it hard during the day 15 P90X Chest and Back workout, but it’s really not even worth mentioning.

That’s pretty much it for today’s update. I’m really getting pumped to see the P90X results I’m getting so far, and it’s scary to think that I’m only on day 17. I can’t wait to see the day 90 transformation pictures…

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