Strength Training Without Weights – P90X Review Day 12

Strength Training Without WeightsToday was day 12 of strength training without weights using the P90X program, and it was pretty rough. Especially considering the fact that I was surrounded by everyone taking it easy this holiday weekend, eating delicious barbecue and grilled burgers. Have no fear, I still managed to eat right and avoid the bad food…

The P90X Legs & Back workout was especially tough today, and I forgot about the One-Legged Wall Squats! I was trembling and shaking throughout many of the quad-specific exercises, and I struggled to equal the reps I did last week on my bar exercises. My best performance was actually during Ab Ripper X, where my form and height are improving on the Oblique V-Ups, but it’ll be some time before I can keep up with the people in the video.

I gotta say, I really enjoy Tony Horton’s corny jokes and clowning around from time to time in the videos, because I can use any laughs I can get when suffering through some of these ultra-intense P90X workouts.

Proper amount of rest is still my challenge, and perhaps the biggest obstacle to substantial progress in any workout. On a holiday weekend, it’s even tougher, but there’s no way I’m dropping the ball on this program. If necessary, I’ll take melatonin pills to get more hours of better quality sleep to see better gains over time.

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