Tony Horton Plyometrics Review – P90X Day 2

Tony Horton PlyometricsThis is day 2 of my P90X review, and completed the much-talked about Tony Horton Plyometrics workout…

I’m very happy with my performance today, but did have to pause for 30 seconds at a couple of points to catch my breath. I was definitely pouring sweat, but am more than used to that due to cycling for 5-6 hours at a time. Today was hard, but much more doable than yesterday’s workout, because I didn’t have to rely on upper body strength and conditioning.

Especially for the first half of the video, the end seemed like it would never come. For the most part, I even managed to keep pace with the folks in the video to match them move for move.

On the nutrition front, I’m still appreciating the portion approach to eating, which allows me much more flexibility when swapping out one food for another. With the physical stress of the P90X routines, I don’t need anything else complicating or possibly discouraging me from continuing.

I chose 5 portions of whey protein powder since I wouldn’t have to think about refrigeration or preparation, but it’s very high in cholesterol, I’m sick of the taste, and I’m sure everyone else is tired of the telltale dookie breath that comes with too many protein shakes. So, I’m going to find some real ham slices or other alternatives to mix it up.

Looking forward to resting well tonight and tackling tomorrow!

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