X Stretch P90X Video – Day 21 Review

X Stretch P90X VideoSo today was day 21 of P90X, and the workout was X Stretch.

I don’t mind doing X Stretch after all my upper body weight routines to be honest. Once again, it helped me release a lot of the stress I internalize over the course of the week. And as in past weeks, I’m glad I didn’t opt for the rest day in place of doing X Stretch, because I always have something I can stretch out of my system.

One major concern I’ve had is not finishing my P90X workouts, but there are only three scenarios I think would cause that to happen: illness, injury, and death. I’m already paranoid about getting airborne sicknesses from others, and did get a really powerful bug after riding the MS150 back in April, which laid me up for nearly a month before I could start this program. Food poisoning is the other worry, and it always happens when you least expect it. Injury could happen during P90X, but I think it’s more likely to happen elsewhere. And death, well, would stop me from doing a lot more than P90X. LOL

So tomorrow starts the recovery week, at the end of which will conclude the first 1/3 of my P90X review. I see that Yoga X is back again tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to getting stronger and stronger thanks to it!

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