X Stretch Workout – P90X Results for Day 14

X StretchToday is day 14 of my P90X workouts, and I just finished up with the X Stretch routine.

I’ll tell you what —  I look forward to doing all of the workouts with weights and cardio during the week, but I just love doing X Stretch when the end of the week rolls around…

Today, I really needed every part of my body stretched out as it capped the end of my busy as hell week.  I love doing the hamstring stretches, because as Tony says, “Your hamstrings and neck are the two most unflexible parts of your body, so you’ll need to stretch them thoroughly”, and X Stretch does a great job with that. My knee is still a little bit sore, but hopefully it’ll spring to life come leg day.

I’ve really been concentrating on getting as much protein as I can in the past few days with a lot of eggs, chicken, and other poultry products along with my protein shakes that I make after each workout.

Going to try to really bring it with my 3rd week of P90X coming up!

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