Yoga X P90X Workout – Day 11

Yoga X P90X WorkoutToday was day 11 of my 90 day workout, and I completed the Yoga X DVD.

It was incredible. Today I really applied myself to every single movement, but a very important KEY element needed to make this work is to FREE YOUR MIND. It is incredibly important to clear your head before doing this workout.

The last time i did the P90X Yoga X workout, I had a busy mind that was full of worries, and I couldn’t focus correctly. Because of this, the workout went seemed to really drag on and I didn’t really enjoy it as much.

Now, this time, I took my watch off and relaxed a bit before starting it. It was amazing. I was able to really grasp the yoga concept and the relaxation that goes with it. Also, I was able to really focus on the moments that the DVD was going through. So try to do so if possible. it would make your life easier and your workouts much more enjoyable.

Until tomorrow.

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