Yoga X P90X Workout Results – Day 11

Yoga X P90X WorkoutIt’s Memorial Day weekend, so my first real temptations to skip a day of P90X will arise, but I’m going to stick to my P90X workouts because I want my long term fitness goals more than short term gratifications.

I know this weekend I’ll be presented with all kinds of unhealthy foods and be asked to stay out, so I’ll just have to be that annoying fit guy in the crowd…

My physical conditioning is coming along, so I fared a lot better this time around at Yoga X than I did last week, though the 5 or 6 poses starting at Warrior Three are killer. I still need more flexibility, and Yoga X and Ab Ripper X never fail to remind me of it when I’m trying to straighten my legs in the air like the folks in the video. I still have a ways to go in that department.

I do appreciate the curve in Yoga X, because it’s a pretty gradual upward curve through the first two Warrior poses, and then climbs upward higher and higher for some time before descending again. I kind of look at Yoga X as a level in a video game that I have infinite lives on, because I can identify the tough areas and come back to do better at them on the next try.

Stay tuned!

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