Yoga X Video – Day 27 of my P90X Review

P90X Yoga VideoToday was day 27 of P90X, and I woke up with serious pain everywhere I impacted the ground on my Friday night crash. I had serious doubts about whether I’d be able to even do Yoga X today. Yesterday’s Core Synergistics did a number on my sore parts, and Yoga X was the bigger, badder followup to that punishment. The routine was hell, but I made it through…

Because of my severe wrist pain, I couldn’t do any push-ups or chaturangas, and went directly to plank or downward dog. I also made sure to bring it for moves requiring flexing my wrists backward at 90 degrees, which left them pretty inflamed after the workout. I’m going to have to ice them after this video, then put my left wrist in a splint till I see the doctor tomorrow morning.

The good news? I did great on the Yoga Belly 7 moves, the Warrior Three and the moves that follow, and the balance moves. So despite the accident, my conditioning is really coming along. And I hope that in tomorrow’s P90X review, I can report that I only hyper-extended my wrists, and didn’t break any wristbones.

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