Yoga X Workout Results – Day 18 P90X Review

P90X Yoga DVDAnd it just keeps getting better.

Today was day 18 of P90X, and I’m flying high right now. I had one of the most incredible P90X workouts to date, and I feel like one million American dollars right now.

I completed the Yoga X DVD for the third time today, and  things are really starting to get fun. While I definitely enjoyed my day 11 Yoga X workout last week, things jumped to a whole new level today.

I’m seeing dramatic(!) improvements already in my overall flexibility, and I’m getting much stronger as well. An excellent example of this is that I’m now able to lay my forehead on my knees during seated hamstring stretches, something that I couldn’t even come close to doing my first time around. I’m also finding that some of the poses are beginning to pull and tug in different areas now, certainly a result of being able to go deeper into the stretches…

I ate well again today and am sticking to the foods in the P90X nutrition plan — I haven’t faltered a bit thus far. Unfortunately, I did run out of chocolate Shakeology and am praying that my new order arrives tomorrow.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the pain that Legs and Back are about to dish out. I scheduled a massage for tomorrow morning, and being that it’s my first one since beginning P90X, I can’t wait.

That’s all for today’s update, stay tuned for more tomorrow…

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