Zach’s P90X Transformation

Well, I finally decided to get serious about getting fit and just bought the P90X program last week. I’m getting started tomorrow…

I’ll be doing the P90X Fit Test tomorrow, taking a bunch of pre-P90X pictures, and trekking to the grocery store to score a massive food haul. If there’s one thing I’m sure of so far after looking through the included P90X guides, it’s that I’ll be eating — a lot.

So why did I decide to buy P90X? There were actually 3 main factors that pushed me over the edge:

  1. I liked the well-rounded approach to fitness, incorporating elements of yoga, resistance training, kenpo karate, cardio, and plyometrics.
  2. No fancy gym equipment or expensive health club membership needed.
  3. A well-documented history of insane P90X results from others who have gone before me.

I’ve heard that the P90X workout is an ultra-intense workout for crazy people, so I’m not exactly sure what to expect. I do know that I’m extremely motivated and will do whatever it takes to finish the 90 days, so I’m game for this little adventure. Bring it!

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